Planting pinwheels is more than spin

by Abi on

The government is putting children at risk of sexual abuse by failing to fund preventative therapy, says our client StopSO. That’s why we planted a host of 1,183 toy windmills on the bank of the Thames in a bid to highlight the extent to which a lack of funding is resulting in the sexual abuse of children.

Based on Government figures 1,183 children fall victim to sexual abuse every day in the UK. StopSO is a charity providing therapy in the community for those who feel at risk of committing a sexual offence, or who have already committed one. They maintain that with adequate funding, many of these children could be saved, along with millions of pounds of tax payers money.

Taking the new pinwheel logo we devised for the charity as our creative starting point, we brought the startling statistic to life in the form of a lo-fi infographic and used the artistic disruption as a platform to achieve coverage through local and national news desks and to earn interview time with specialist mental health and therapy press. We also offered spokesperson support when no trustees were available – a tricky conversation to have but a cause worth pulling out all the stops for.

Maybe next year we won’t have to plant any pinwheels…

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