Letting the genius out of the bottle

by Dom Lane on

The dairy farmers behind our latest authentic brand project, Enjoy Milk, unveiled their plan to the British dairy industry today.

Members of the Free Range Milk Marketing Board (FRMMB), a group of more than 700 dairy farmers, announced the launch of the new campaign and milk brand, soon to be available in dairy aisles, farm shops and milk floats across the country.

Enjoy Milk, which features a game-changing black top, will provide consumers with the opportunity to choose great tasting fresh milk from 100% British farms which is also guaranteed grass grazed and offers farmers a truly fair deal.

The founders of Enjoy Milk believe theirs is the first and only milk in the UK which truly combines free ranging, fair trading and 100% British sourced. Via enjoymilk.co.uk and social media, Enjoy Milk will share the real stories behind the liquid in the bottle and the farmers who produce it, showing transparently why it’s better for cows, better for farms, and better for consumers. In fact, the founders of Enjoy Milk have set out to show how free ranging cows and fair contracts with farmers is ‘Better for Everyone’.

Enjoy Milk isn’t just a brand. It’s a campaign. And that’s where they’re going to start. Enjoy Milk will be using social media and support from trade and consumer press, alongside guerrilla marketing, to grab attention and win universal support from Great British shoppers. It’s consumers’ power to choose differently, to choose better, that will ultimately help them transform the dairy industry from the ground up. With a groundswell of consumer support they can then work with national and online retailers to ensure that every GB household can Enjoy Milk.

Ultimately the objectives of the brand/campaign are simple – to promote to the consumer all that’s great about British dairy farming, to help farmers better understand what consumers actually expect, and to influence change for the better within the GB dairy supply chain to reflect a level of fairness that simply doesn’t exist at the moment.

Enjoy Milk will enable British dairy to meet the challenges of a very uncertain future and deliver all the benefits a thriving industry can.

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