Brew Monday

by Dom Lane on

We helped Box Steam Brewery bring laughter to the streets of Bristol tonight.

Blue Monday – the ‘most miserable day of the year’ – is now an annual event, forecast today this year. But relief was at hand, courtesy of Box Steam Brewery.

Our client, based in the jolly village of Holt, near Bradford-on-Avon, hosted a pop-up comedy festival on the streets of Bristol on Monday evening. Featuring free beer and performances from nine local up-and-coming stand-up comedians, the festival aimed to cheer up the City’s workers as they trudged home from work through the winter gloom.

We enlisted the help of Bristol promoter Bubble Comedy to serve up a bevy of laughs. At 5:30pm three Box Steam Brewery comedy tents materialised simultaneously at three central locations across the city centre (The Victoria Rooms, Pero’s Bridge and The Horsefair) and three comedians and a compere each delivered their sets. And the Box Steam Brewery team were there to provide complimentary halves of Golden Bolt ale to the needy.

This time of year is a downer for almost everyone. The weather is awful, with very little sunlight, and we’re all struggling with the aftermath of Christmas, in particular heavy stomachs and light wallets.

But we wanted everyone to down a beer and have a laugh instead. Box Steam Brewery have the antidote – it’s pretty hard to be miserable when you’re watching great comedy with a free beer in your hand.

As a brewery, Box Steam are in the business of raising people’s spirits, so answering the call for a little happiness on the streets of Bristol was a great way to promote the brand.

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