Forgeway – the Movie

by Dom Lane on

If a picture speaks a 1,000 words than a movie shouts a million.

Forgeway are what we term ‘mute pioneers’ – brilliant at what they do but just as good at hiding their light under a bushel. They’re geniuses. It’s just that no-one else knows it. That’s why they need a brand identity, strategy and comms plan to get them in front of the audience and transform their business. Moving image pieces can be a really effective part of the mix.

Forgeway might be a less than glamourous industrial sealant manufacture but we headed out with a film crew to shine a spotlight on their commitment to product development and the wide range of customer applications this makes possible. It’s amazing what you can do if you’re prepared to get your hands dirty on a factory floor. Clever post-production helps too. We managed to turn machines and gloop into something which made quite compelling viewing and now helps support their online proposition.


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