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Quartet Community Foundation briefed us to create a brand new website. Launched today, the Foundation is now better equipped to tell their story, raise their profile and meet the needs of the people they serve.

Resisting the temptation to create another website crammed with content no-one needs and no-one reads, we did what we always do – immersed ourselves in their work and spent time talking to Quartet’s Community Foundation’s stakeholders.

Quartet Community Foundation provides a wealth of philanthropic services to help donors support the causes they care about. They offer an unrivalled service to a diverse community of benefactors, and support an equally diverse range of beneficiaries. Praise from those who work with them knows no bounds, but their crucially diligent role goes largely unnoticed. With stiff competition for every charity pound anonymity isn’t viable.

The Quartet team operate on a person to person, face to face basis. Their new site didn’t need to be the hub of their operation, but a validation of the conversations they and their advocates were having in real time in the real world. We got to the nub of exactly who needed what and why. We wielded an editorial scythe, cut and tidied content, and redesigned the information architecture. We switched complexity for simplicity and created a design theme to match.

Creating a brand new website with great new design values raised the stakes for the rest of Quartet’s communication collateral, so we turned our attention their Annual Report, applying the same principles to 2D print as we did to digital. Their 2015 report now offers the same impressive introduction in hard copy.

What they do, why they do it, who they do it for and the difference they make now shines through. See for yourself at

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