Back to school.

by Dom Lane on

City Academy Bristol runs a community day every summer. All the students spend their time out of the classroom getting involved in extra-curricula projects which share the values of their school. They get involved in socially constructive activities in the local area, helping old folks, cleaning up their urban environment and improving the neighbourhood. Or they sign up for something creative, like working with Colour & Thing on some new posters.

We took four teams of City Academy students through a brainstorming process, guiding them through the exercises in translating concepts into words and pictures, exploring the use of infographics and symbolism. They were great. they had no preconceptions and let their imaginations (and attitude) run riot around the expression of their schools brand.

We took their sketches and notes and turned them into four large format posters which were installed over the summer holidays, in time to inspire the new intake of Year 7 students.

We should do more of this interactive brand design.

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