We giveamonkeys. Do you?

Quartet Community Foundation gave us the briefest of briefs – create the simplest way to part with cash and make a difference locally. So we set out to rewrite the rules on local giving and create something completely new in fundraising. The result was giveamonkeys.co.uk.

We developed a charity brand which is provocative rather than institutional, with a message which is direct rather than needy, and a mobile-first digital platform which makes giving to causes and sharing on social media really simple.

Giveamonkeys.co.uk is all about supporting what matters to the user. It’s a microsite designed to make it easy to get the picture and make a difference without having to spend ages searching for a beneficiary. Donate and your cash is distributed to local charities that need it most. Giveamonkeys isn’t about uninspiring leaflets and old hat posters. It’s about sharing what matters to you as part of a socially integrated campaign. Like. Follow. Share.

Giveamonkeys will take us to places no other similar concept has gone before. We liked Colour & Thing’s funky, irreverent, challenging style, always underpinned by solid technical expertise.

Stephen Parsons, Chair of Quartet

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