Inspired branding for AWW.

AWW wanted to be recognisable. Testimonials suggested they had an excellent reputation, but to maintain their competitive advantage they needed brand development. AWW commissioned us to review their business, transform the way they presented themselves in the market and update their online presence.

Reintroducing an award-winning architectural firm to the power of branding we set out to express AWW’s personality and creative energy as more than just an architectural firm. We raised the stakes and coined their new strapline. ‘Inspired environments’ said it all with beautiful simplicity – the way AWW worked, what they brought to collaborative experience and the spaces they produced, all rolled into one aspirational expression.

Replacing their monotone logo with an inspired design which went against the industry grain, AWWs new brand celebrates a harmonious spatial relationship. The logo was created to be part of the overall visual identity providing a set of rules to play with, including angles, symmetry and clean lines.

Colour & Thing’s process did more than invigorated our brand – it refreshed our vision and mission. We’ve emerged with a compelling offer and real stand out in a pretty grey industry.

Kathryn Chiswell Jones, Business Development Manager

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