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MoDiP briefed us to create a bespoke and dynamic digital space, celebrating their My Plastic exhibition. As a partner of AUB and with the University hosting the web space, it was essential the site share key features and values with its host whilst achieving a level of differentiation.

We wanted to develop something more that a basic extension of the exhibition itself, expressing something of the ambition of show rather than just a showcase of objects. The exhibition was actually a curation of personal stories so the microsite became an elaboration of this, creating the opportunity to engage with some significant figures from the fields of technology and design.

The MyPlastic site is more than an online gallery. A beautifully designed yet simple user interface collates neat photography and video, curating personal reminiscences as virtual exhibits to introduce the public to the colourful charms of the material of the modern age through VIP vignettes.

Colour & Thing created a beautifully simple solution for the MyPlastic website. It's the perfect combination of functionality and design.

Simon Pride, Head of Marketing & Communications

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