Forging ahead.

Forgeway’s market is dominated by a few big players, but there’s no personality, imaginative branding or collaboration within the industry. This is where we identified Forgeway’s opportunity.

We created an intelligent brand based on the periodic table and used the same principle of categorisation to deliver an innovative labelling system to instruct users on the factory floor – an intelligent branding solution which solves the challenge of communicating with non-English speakers and sets an industry standard.

We’re now rolling out their new brand on and offline, and publishing a monthly e-newsletter which means they land in just the right inboxes every month with intelligent content and a clear message. Forgeway is no longer a silent partner, but a thought leader.

You've got to the nub of our business. It's been so helpful to have the focus and discipline. You also created an innovative brand and packaging solution that really makes us stand out in our market.

Rod Buckley, Managing Director

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