Floating a new milk brand.

Great British dairy farmers have it tough. They are generally paid poorly, late and erratically under restrictive contracts, despite the fact they produce a healthy, natural food most of us consumer daily whilst caretaking our countryside and nurturing lifestock and wildlife. What’s more, British consumers have lost touch with the people who produce their milk. We spend 3 seconds choosing the same polybottles of supermarket own brand white stuff with little thought as to who or what does or doesn’t benefit. If there’s going to be any sort of UK dairy industry for the next generation there needs to be fair contracts, happy, free-roaming cows, great product and consumers who appreciate its value and pay fairly for it.

‘Help us fix this’. That was our brief from a dairy farmer and his free range milk producer colleagues. Our response was to create an authentic brand as campaign, and a campaign as authentic brand. Enjoy Milk is binary. It’s an on-label brand that shares nothing of the clichéd imagery of token gesture rural products, and at the same leaps out against the bland own-labels in the diary aisle. At one and the same time it’s a call to action. A reminder that milk is great tasting and good for you, so embrace it. And it’s an invitation to choose it because it’s better – better for cows, better for farmers, better for everyone.

They’ve created a brave and exciting brand for us that we know will make a real difference. This is just the beginning.

Nick Hiscox, Founder

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