Creating a personal brand.

Martin provides meditation training programs to Fortune 500 companies, mindfulness training to leaders and, as a consultant, helps large organisations develop cultures of deeper engagement.

Martin needed was an identity and website to match his reputation in the corporate sector and provide a platform for engagement with new board level prospects. So we set out to create him a personal brand and a web presence to inspire the world’s biggest corporations to embrace the Moment.

The brand needed to reflect the person, the singularity of his thinking and the weight of his brand proposition. Boroson encapsulates all these elements. In designing Martin’s new site we took the same representative approach. He was adamant we avoid any marketing hyperbole and shared our appreciation of simplicity and straight-talking. This left us free to create an elegant but uncluttered site which takes the user on a journey as understated but inspiring as the experience of Martin’s One Moment Meditation.

You don’t just get great strategy, design and technical expertise with Colour & Thing. The collaborative process is hugely valuable in steering the future of your business.

Martin Boroson, OMM Training LLC

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