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The IUA (International University Alliance) is a group of internationally recognised top-tier US universities expanding opportunities for international students by supporting multilateral relationships among its participants and global higher education stakeholders.

The IUA is committed to inspiring cross-cultural exchange, ultimately leading to better, healthier, and more peaceful, respectful and sustainable communities.

Instructed to create a brand, print collateral and website which reflected these lofty ambitions, we utilised our brand building process and input from stakeholders across the world. We spent time helping the client untangle a complex and overlapping array of partnerships and shared institutional agendas.

This enabled us to develop an identity which transcended cultural aesthetic bias (IUA needs to resonate with schools, colleges, universities, governments and industry the world over), and suggested the fledgling organisation had already always been a trusted authority within the global education community. Logo, colour palette, typography, tone and key messaging all ensure that IUA is perceived as reassuringly institutional, affirmative, intelligent and authoritative.

Once again Colour & Thing delivered. A great new brand, website and printed collateral, based on their ability to really understand the global market we operate in.

Tim Edwards, Senior Director, Marketing Strategy

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