Buying and selling student textbooks just got smarter.

Competition in the student retail market is stiff. Fatbrain͛s website had to deliver an online experience with the same values as the brand. Information architecture, navigation, user journey, messaging and social integration had to work in unison. At the same time the site had to appear fresh to an audience bombarded every day with new web designs. Student focus groups helped shape our thinking. Fatbrain͛s customers didn͛t just wanted a straight deal and straight talking. without marketing puff – they wanted a web experience to match. Form had to follow function for Fatbrain.

Sometimes a good website is about what you don͛t see. With SEM, social media and ad campaigns driving traffic, we used analytics to dissect different customer journeys and put them back together better, dramatically reducing the number of customers bailing out early, and making the most of the opportunity for them to share their experience and build a community of future Fatbrainers.

Colour & Thing’s redesign made our website really stand out from the crowd and introduced the market to a whole new way to think about book buying.

Pete Trembath, MD, Fatbrain

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