Brewing up a new beer brand.

Box Steam Brewery asked us to tackle their brand, so we began with research into the product and the people who produce it. They had a passion for inventing beers, but tried to say it all. The brand ended up cluttered and confused. Nevertheless, behind this was a lovely story and a great group of people. We discovered what made them tick and how their beers fitted into the market.

Less is definitely more. We extracted the essential elements of their brand and took a far more cohesive approach. What they lacked was stand out – on shelf and on bar. We created the theme of ‘Beautifully engineered beers from Wiltshire’ and created a bold yet traditional brand identity. Having delivered a brand they could be proud of, we’re now making it famous. We built a new website enabling access to their extensive range, and imaginative on and offline media relations are building a loyal community of fans.

It feels like we've taken a huge leap forward. You could say we now have a 'beautifully engineered' brand in pubs and shops across the country that we’re truly proud of.

Andy Roberts, MD, Box Steam Brewery

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