Branding a taboo to turnaround attitudes.

Sometimes we get a brief because no-one else can handle the story. There can’t be anything more difficult to talk about than the sexual abuse of children, but when we were approached to help StopSO, the Specialist Therapy Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending, we reached beyond the initial revulsion and accepted the challenge.

Although StopSO’s network of therapists are doing invaluable work in counselling those with inappropriate sexual thoughts before they commit an offence and are thus preventing thousands of children from becoming victims every year, the thought of supporting them in their support of paedophiles has thus far proved too much for private donors and sponsors. Their brand and brand story did little to help, pitching directly to clients rather than donors.

We’ve embarked on a long term and chronically under-resourced project to turn their story around, By creating a new brand identity which portrays innocence and hope, and by rewriting and redesigning the front end of their website, we are steadily evolving their key messages to focus on the prevention of victimhood and the safeguarding of children –  undeniably more appealing to the public and to potential funders.

There’s more work to be done, but we’ve started rolling out creative comms, including the planting of 1,183 pinwheels (see our news story), to help them reposition themselves and achieve the financial support they need to make the world a safer place.

As a network of therapists we're meeting a need that's difficult for the public and funders to get behind. But as a charity we really need that support. Colour & Thing are making a difference. Their thoughtful and creative communications work will help us gain that support.

Juliet, Chair of StopSO

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