An awarding-winning site for AUB. Twice.

HE is a content-led, brand-focused, mobile first universe powered by real-time, data-informed decision making. AUB continues to lead the way in strategically savvy but inspirational web development, exemplifying innovation in the promotion of opportunity and achievement.

The challenge was to portray the university experience in an engaging way. Mindful of the many and varied needs of a diverse population of users, we delivered a number of truly creative solutions for an audience with high expectations, including:  app-like navigation; highly functional yet beautiful browsing experiences (whatever the device); and stunning use of background imagery which gracefully blurs and fades as users scroll.

These innovative features directly lead to the viewing of more courses per visit than ever before, and an increase of 30% more visits to degree courses, exposing visitors to a wider AUB offer.

Colour & Thing has succeeded in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible online. Our website is now an engaging experience, And it's as relevant and useful as it is entertaining.

Simon Pride, Head of Marketing & Communications

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