A machine for turning unwanted textbooks into cash.

Realising the value tied up in unwanted textbooks got a whole lot easier with the launch of the Fatbrain App, enabling smartphone users to turn unwanted textbooks into cash with a scan and a tap. But even the most ingenious app isn’t worth the code it’s written in if it has no users, so we delivered an integrated campaign to launch it to students just as they were finishing the college year.

An eye catching suite of images for use across a range of carefully co-ordinated media, maximising coverage to a core target audience. Campus posters, Facebook activity, Google adwords and strategic partnerships ensured we drove the message home at the right time in the right place to maximise click-through.

In the first four weeks we delivered Fatbrain 9,000 new customers and so much additional business the client needed to put the brakes on the campaign.

Our app has been a game-changer for our business. We've had record levels of new buybacks since it went live.

Peter Trembath, MD, Fatbrain

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